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++ 07.12.2003

Kunsthaus Zug mobil 2004
7.Halt: Lorzenebene, Zug
Jo Achermann - Horizont-Verflechtung
03.April - 09.Mai

Jo Achermann's five semi-transparent,
walk-in wooden cubes are sited at
carefully selected open locations
between the towns Zug und Baar
in the river Lorzen valley.
These"observatories" deal with
the space on the outskirts of urban
areas where nature, traffic,
farmland and built up areas conflict.
Over the space of a year,Jo Achermann,
(who lives in Berlin but was born in
Nidwalden in 1954) has photographed
the drastic changes that have taken
place in these areas. His slide show,
on display in a container, makes
the observer conscious of the
fascinating yet painful transformations
that have occurred. The exhibits'
particular spatial surroundings
serve to heighten an overall
awareness of the dilemmas involved.

++ 20.09.2003

Jo Achermann's sculptures are located
in carefully choosen open spaces
between the towns of Zug and Baar
in the river Lorzen valley and
are made up of five separate
semitransparent, walk-in wooden cubes.
these "observatories" deal with
conflicts between built up area,
farmland, traffic and nature that
occur on the highly-charged frings
of suburbia. The works are deliberatley
moved over time to form a flexible
network in a heavily fragmanted, yet
none the less conserveable green
belt area. An artistic contribution
to current debate on urban development.